There are deeper strata of truth in cinema, and there is such a thing as poetic, ecstatic truth. It is mysterious and elusive, and can be reached only through fabrication and imagination and stylization.--Werner Herzog

(The Escape, 16mm, black and white, 9 minutes)

For those of you who didn't get to see my film "The Escape," which was shown at the Berlinale's Talent Campus, you can watch it here... I shot it in Paris in 2006 during the summer at the New York Film Academy's sumer directing course.  Note that the budget was mininal (or rather non-existent) and we had to stretch some creative boundaries with actors from other nationalities. Judge it on the cinematic merit and not the money spent, people!

And below is "A Nepali Emigre in Paris". It is shot on 16mm black and white film, and is only 4 minutes long. Enjoy!

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