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Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming, originally uploaded by subcontinental.

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Defending our Dreams

Defending our Dreams

Defending Our Dreams: Global Feminist Voices for a New Generation
Edited by Shamillah Wilson, Anasuya Sengupta and Kristy Evans

My article: 'You'll know what we are talking about when you grow older': a Third Wave critique of anti-trafficking ideology, globalization and conflict in Nepal appears in Chapter 6.

This pioneering collection presents the original experiences, perspectives and visions of young feminists seeking to understand the current world order and shape a better future. Engaged as advocates, organisers, protesters, researchers and strategists, their energies, creativity and passion help to define social movements globally. The book brings together analyses by feminists of diverse identities on themes including women's rights and economic change, new technologies, sexuality, feminist organisations and movements. It presents key issues arising out of the experiences of young women living in both North and South, the challenges confronting young feminists, and the agenda for a new era of feminist leadership and activism.


'Leading the way to the future, this multi-cultural collection of the voices of young feminists illuminates the issues that are or will be in the crucible of feminist struggles to come. It also shows us both how the lives of women have and have not changed in the past few decades. A lively and thought provoking read -- a must for anyone concerned with the future as seen through the wisdom of young women activists today' - Charlotte Bunch, Centre for Women's Global Leadership

'This book represents the most powerful, eloquent and thought-provoking collection I've seen in a long time. It brings together a poetic, jarring, often painful chorus of voices together. These are not naïve, headstrong young women with blinders on; they are experienced, committed and thoughtful activists whose challenges are complex. Each of the writers in this book brings a rare and sparkling truth to the table - what we, who read, choose to do with this truth is our choice; these young women have done their job.' - Sisonke Msimang

'Is 'young feminist' an oxymoron in a time that some people like to call post-feminist? This book challenges 'in the box' thinking while addressing a range of issues old and new. Its energy, thoughtfulness and honesty invigorate, even if they discomfort. Highly recommended for feminists, old and young, female and male, of whatever stripe, hue, shape or identity!' - Gita Sen, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India


Shamillah Wilson is the Young Women and Leadership Programme Manager for the Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID). Anasuya Sengupta has been for the past three years Co-ordinator of a UNICEF project with the Karnataka police, working on violence against women and children. Kristy Evans is a recent Young Women and Leadership intern for the Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID).


Foreword - Peggy Antrobus
1. Will dualism tear us apart? The challenges of fragmentation in identity politics for young feminists in the New Global Order - Suzan M. Pritchett
2. Channelling discourse, effecting change: young women and sexual rights - Aziza Ahmed
3. From tragedy and injustice to rights and empowerment: accountability in the economic realm - Alison Symington
4. Seeking Techno-Justice - Ann Elisabeth S. Samson
5. Smokescreen or solution? Genetic engineering and food insecurity - Haidee Swanby with Shamillah Wilson
6. 'You'll know what we are talking about when you grow older': a Third Wave critique of anti-trafficking ideology, globalization and conflict in Nepal - Sushma Joshi
7. From orphaned china dolls to long distance daughters: a call for solidarity across borders - Indigo Williams Willing
8. www.coming? Imaginings on a world of wealth and well-being - Anasuya Sengupta
9. Reflections on the World Social Forum: a space for alternative engagements - Marìa Alejandra Scampini
10. Rooting out injustice: discussions with radical young women in Toronto, Canada - Jennifer Plyler
11. A human rights instrument that works for women: the ICC as a tool for gender justice - Zakia Afrin and Amy Schwartz
12. Cyber girls: hello ... are you out there? - Kristy Evans
13. Feminine whispers: notes on hysteria and loving commitment - Gabriela Malaguera Gonzalez
14. We exist! Voices of male feminism - Dean Peacock
15. Separation anxiety: the schisms and schemas of media advocacy, or 'Where are you tonight, Langston Hughs? - Paromita Vohra
16. Moving the personal to the political: personal struggles as a basis for social justice advocacy - Salma Maoulidi
17. Feminist leadership for feminist futures - Shamillah Wilson
Poem: You wonder why I say I'm feminist - Gabrielle Hosein
Editors and Contributors

Release Date: 30/11/05
Womens' Studies / Development
Hb ISBN 1 84277 726 2 £55.00 $85.00
Pb ISBN 1 84277 727 0 £17.95 $27.50
Extent: 272pp
Features: Notes Bibliography Index
Format: Metric Demy

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New Masks, originally uploaded by subcontinental.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Short story "Cheese" in Filipino textbook

My short story "Cheese" was printed in a textbook for eighth graders in the Philippines. The book was printed by the JFC publishing house.

Those of you who had to study this story as part of your course: I hope you enjoyed the story!

Here is the publisher's address, in case you want to get a copy of the book:

JFC Publishing House, Inc.
105 Gremville Subd.
Tandang Sora, Quezon City 1116

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


CHEESE is up at the short stories section of East of the Web. It is published in a Filipino textbook, and has been translated in Vietnamese.