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Martin Chautari review: The End of the World

Here's a detailed review of my book from James Sharrock, in Martin Chautari's Studies in Nepali History and Society.

Book Reviews

Sushma Joshi. 2008. The End of the World: A Collection of Short Stories.
Kathmandu: FinePrint Books.

The End of the World is an impressive collection of eight short stories in
English by the Kathmandu-based columnist, artist, blogger and filmmaker
Sushma Joshi. A fresh and outward-looking literary sensibility has
been brought to bear on the recent past and present lives of Nepalis. The
book includes details on foreign-returned Nepalis, households in
Kathmandu, lahure lives abroad, village politics, natural disasters, and the
Nepal Police. Nearly all of the stories are set within the last fifteen to
twenty years with the notable exceptions of “Match-Making” and
“Cheese” making the book, additionally, something of an artistic first
draft on the recent Nepali past.

The stories map the limited choices facing a range of Nepalis in
different periods of to…