Joshi has taken beauty, dismay and everyday life and catapulted it to a status as high as the Himalayas. If this is what The End of the World is going to be like, than I don't mind going down with it.
Sumati Sivasiamphai, Guru Magazine of Bangkok Post

What makes The End of the World stand out as a collection of short stories is Joshi's masterful and elegant use of language. … a confident debut collection for Joshi, in which the deceptively simple exterior of her prose peels away to reveal multiple layers of investigation into human longing and emptiness.
Sophia Furber, The Kathmandu Post

This compilation of short stories, Sushma Joshi’s first book, is firmly rooted in the Nepali experience, especially of the past decade…Joshi does well in giving voice to these desires, drawing the reader in with poignant and humorous portrayals of the characters’ quests for fulfillment.
Surabhi Pudasaini, Himal Magazine

Sushma Joshi's writing and perseverance has not only raised the bar in English medium literature in Nepal, but created it when there was virtually none.
Emma Sciantarelli, WAVE Magazine

Deeply evocative, the stories present glimpses of small, private dramas that are shaped by larger political happenings… Unlike other works by English writers in Nepal, Joshi’s stories are firmly rooted in Nepal’s soil.
Deepak Adhikari, Nepal Monitor

The End of the World certainly marks a new beginning and will, with hope, lead to a flourishing literary publishing industry in Nepal.
Abha Eli Phoboo, Republica


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