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Soft Things by Sushma Joshi, now in El-Ghibli

My story "Soft Things," an essay about my travels to Mumbai to accompany two journalists to research and write about child trafficking, is published in El-Ghibli in their September 2012 issue. It is also translated in Italian.

Dining for Women recommend 'The End of the World" in their fiction section

Fair Trade Shopping, Books, Films, and Music
Her Turn – Nepal
March 2013

March 2013: Dining for Women recommends "The End of the World" in their fiction section.

Check it out: Fair Trade Shopping - What we buy and where we buy it can make a world of difference to our global neighbors.

If you want to see their page, go to Google and type in "Dining for Women" and "Sushma Joshi." Blogger seems to be voiding the links I put into my blog posts. Very mysterious.

Catbird in South Asia reviews "New Nepal, New Voices"

new nepal, new voices: an anthology of short storiesSunday, March 3:  New Nepal, New Voices is an anthology of short stories by Nepali writers writing in English.  The stories capture bits of life in Nepal, whether the writers are based in Kathmandu, California or China.  The editors, Sushma Joshi and Aji Baral put together this collection to show the writers’ “shared experience and relationship with Nepal.” I enjoyed most of the stories in this collection, except for a few.  One of my favorites was “Law and Order” by Sushma Joshi.  The main character, Bishnu, had tried 6 months earlier to get into the British Gorka army, but despite spending three years in preparation, he had been rejected when he failed a final test where he was thrown from a horse.  Dejected, he ends up applying for the Police Force of Nepal, and gets accepted.  However, it’s a difficult existence with low pay and small food rations and he finds himself continually hungry.  He spends all his time longingly looking …