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Frank O'Connor Short Story Award: The 2009 Longlist

Click here for the Munster Literature Centre and the 2009 Frank O'Connor Short Story Award longlist. "The End of the World" is in it.

Five Books on Nepal: A Highly Subjective List

I compiled this list for ECS Magazine's tenth anniversary edition. Read on...
Ranking books is, of course, a highly subjective enterprise. Some books withstand the test of time, but which ones? Trying to hone it down to the top five is a tough, but not entirely dissatisfying, exercise. Please feel free to disagree.

Fatalism and Development
By Dor Bahadur Bista (1991, Calcutta: Longman)

Agree or disagree with the now vanished Mr Bista, there is no doubt that this is one of the most cogently written, most interesting critiques of Nepali society. Why is Nepal a basket case? Read this book to find out. Intelligent men have disagreed with this classic. Western expatriate workers make this their Bible when they arrive and get jeered by those who want more complexity in their analysis. Yyoung students swoon over it. Liberal Brahmins have bemoaned how the book has been influential in justifying policies that discriminate against Brahmins in the development sect…

The Blockade in East of the Web