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Book Addiction

READ Magazine, Issue 3, September 2007, Kathmandu

READ magazine published a book review/personal narrative piece called "Book Addiction" this September. Do read the archived copy, which is archived at Cambridge University's Digital Himalaya:

Introducing Women's and Gender Studies: A Teaching and Resource Collection

My article You Will Know What I'm Talking About As You Grow Older is included by the National Association of Women's Studies in its collection of resources!

NEW: Introducing Women's and Gender Studies: A Teaching and Resource Collection.
Compiled by Elizabeth Curtis
(click to download)
Contributions were included when they focused on the wider overview provided in most introductory courses. In the “Introductory Courses on Special Topics,” however, some courses constructed around specific themes were included to show how courses that are structured in this way provide an alternative method to traditional survey method for introducing students to the discipline.

The range of student populations that these teaching materials have been crafted for range from middle school to the graduate level. To help locate the reader who is navigating this wide range of resources, demographic information about courses and their instructor preface each item. Although attempts were made to recruit…