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The Himalayan Arc

Here is an email I got from Amrita Mukerji, Deputy Managing Editor at Harper Collins India, about The Himalayan Arc. The anthology was edited by Namita Gokhale, co-founder of the Jaipur Literary Festival. My essay "The Quake" is also included. I attended the festival in 2010 but I could not go this year.

If you are interested to hold a book reading of this anthology in your city, please let me know and I will inform Amrita!


Dear contributors,
As mentioned in my earlier mail, the book launch for The Himalayan Arc was held in Jaipur at the Jaipur Literature Festival on 26 January at 1.40 p.m. Many thanks to all those who participated, and we missed those who could not attend. Unfortunately we couldn’t do a Facebook Live because of connectivity issues, but I have attached a few photographs of the event. We hope to hold more such events through the year, and if any of you would like to organize a book reading or event in your city, do let us know and we’ll discuss the way fo…