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Munyori: After the Floods

"After the Floods" is published in Munyori literature journal.

WAVE Magazine Review

Sushma Joshi starts a new beginning for English medium literature in Nepal

FROM ISSUE # 163 (July 2009) | IN THIS ISSUE

Good literature plays a much deeper role in the grand scheme of history than just being a good way to pass the time on a Saturday afternoon. It's an account of culture and history, with a flare of authenticity giving a face to those who lived the time. Authors like Jane Austen, Victor Hugo and the likes became literary giants not only for their ability to entertain, but also for their ability to capture history through a narrative voice. When a writer pens the everyday lives of real people amidst a certain cultural, social, or political backdrop s/he offers an entirely different insight than a textbook ever will.

As a fan of South Asian literature and an avid reader of the regions most celebrated writers, I've waited for a writer to represent the country I love most, Nepal. Every time I go into a bookstore abroad and find the shelf where th…