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MING'S DEFENSE, by Sushma Joshi

I had an Amparo Tomas dream last night

Amparo was very upset about something. She was going on, in that passionate way, about an issue of great concern. She saw me looking at her and she realized I was clueless. “You have no idea what’s going on, do you?” she said.

 I admitted I was clueless.

“They have started to tinker with watches. Now people have to wear watches which show their gender-whether they are male or female, and their height as well!”

 I was bemused. “Does it matter?” I asked.

 “YES, IT DOES MATTER!” She said, in that inimitable Amparo way. “OF COURSE IT MATTERS. It is screwing with universal standards!”

 Those who know Amparo know she yelled a lot, often in frustration, often at those who failed to understand the urgency of the situation. How urgent it was to have the same universal standards of rights, everywhere, everytime!

What was my dream about? If Amparo was yelling at me from across the divide of Death, this was definitely something quite important. The clocks/watches, I think, came out of my mind bec…