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Dramaturgy support

My play "I Killed My Best Friend's Father" was accepted to the Kali TalkBack Festival in 2012 for dramaturg support. Caroline Jester worked with me to hone down the play, and provided excellent support. It was stage read at the Arcola Theatre with the rest of the other plays at the festival in December 2012 to a packed audience.

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"Cheese" in the Tasmanian Certificate of Education's ESL external assessment

My short stories have been used by the educational system in Australia.

In 2012, the Tasmanian Certificate of Education used my short story "Cheese" in their English as a Second Language External Assessment.
Check out the exam here.


Sophia reviews "I Killed My Best Friend's Father" at the Arcola Theatre

Hi Sushma, I hope you're well. I just wanted to let you know that I thought the reading of 'I killed my best friend's father' was brilliant. Like your short stories, it was deceptively simple on the surface but explored some very hard-hitting themes. I really enjoyed meeting Rosamunde and seeing what she did with the play. When I heard about the two ghosts of the fathers - and the rather close to the bone humour - I thought to myself, 'goodness, is this going to actually work??' And, lo and behold, it did. So were you able to watch the whole thing on the live stream in KTM? How did you feel it went? 

I thought that the way you wove the migration/ post-conflict theme into the play so seamlessly was really good. You will be interested to know that I brought someone along to see the play with me who had never been to Nepal and had no knowledge of the culture or recent history, and he was able to follow the play and engage with it without any problems, so it looks l…

Issue 12 of Mascara Literary Review: Soft Things by Sushma Joshi

Issue 12 ~ November 2012 Soft Things by Sushma Joshi “We are looking for some komal maal,” Sailesh says. Sailesh, a journalist from the local newspaper, who’s been recruited to take us along and act as our guide in the redlight district. In the words of international journalism, he’s a fixer. And that’s precisely what he’s doing right now—asking for a soft thing with the casual inflection of a man used to asking for soft things. I don’t think he necessarily frequents child prostitutes. But his tone makes it abundantly clear that whatever we are after, he’s willing to procure for us—and if it’s a soft thing, he’ll get us a soft thing. 

Click here to read the essay.

Sushma Joshi is a writer and filmmaker from Nepal. Her book “The End of the World” was long-listed for the Frank O’Connor Short Story Award. Her short film “The Escape” was accepted to the Berlinale Talent Campus. She has a BA from Brown University.

Mascara Literary Review #12 is out!

Mascara Literary Review #12 is out! A message from the editors of Mascara Literary Review.
We’re delighted to announce issue 12 of Mascara Literary Review, is now on line, edited by Michelle Cahill. Our featured poet isMila Kačič Poetry by Brett Dionysius, Paul Kane, Christine Ratnasingham, Diane Fahey, Louise McKenna, Lyn Hatherley, Mani Rao, Jakob Ziguras, Tiffany Tsao, Jas Shenstone, Diane Sahms-Guarnieri, John Tranter, Ainslee Meredith, Grace V.S. Chin, Tim Grey, Dan Disney, Ravi Shankar, Vuong Pham, Mark Young, Judy Johnson Fiction Fikret Pajalic, Laura Woollett and Ankur Agarwal Creative Non-Fiction Sushma Joshi, Madeleine Slavick

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My writings in school curricula

My short stories have found their way to school curricula and teaching syllabi worldwide.

"The Prediction" is part of the syllabus for MA students at Shivaji University, India.

SHIVAJI UNIVERSITY, KOLHAPUR Syllabus for M. A. English Programme (Choice Based Credit System with Internal Evaluation) To be introduced from June 2017 (for Regular Students) To be introduced from June 2018 (for Distance mode Students)


In 2012, "Cheese" was used in an English speech contest held at St Mary College, in Japan, by Junior High School students.

History of St Mary College St. Mary College, officially Nunoike Gaigo Senmon Gakko, was established in 1987, with the approval of the Aichi Prefectural government. According to Article 1 of the Japanese School Education Law, a Senmon Gakko is identified as a technical college not connected to a university. It is defined further …

My play on at Kali TalkBack Theatre 3pm, December 8th 212