Thursday, December 03, 2009

Reading at the Indian Cultural Center

See Quixote's Cove event listing here: "The program started around 5:45pm after Geeti Sen welcomed the guests and provided a brief introduction to Sushma Joshi and her book, The End of the World...

Unlike Indian writers who write in English, Sushma said that writers in Nepal are not ready to tackle the middle class yet. Later, the floor was open for audience to ask questions. Afterwards, there was tea/coffee and sandwich to enjoy."

A slight clarification: I said that unlike English literature from India, which has a long history of books and stories about rural India, and where writers have made some internal self-reflections about the need to write about the urban middle class (from which they mostly originate), Nepal still lacks a body of literature in English that deals with rural Nepal. Nepali writers have to do both--start to write stories about the globalized, jetsetting middle class, but also not forget that we have yet to tell our stories about the other Nepal.

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