Saturday, April 25, 2009

Himalayan Book Club: Kathmandu Post, April 27, 2009

Joshi takes centre stage
Himalayan Readers Bookclub (HRB)' with support of Learning Zone members of British Council discussed Sushma Joshi's collection of short stories "The End of the World" on April 25, Saturday, at British Council, Lainchour.

It was a monthly roundtable discussion which HRB organises at the same venue. This time along with 24 participants, Prof. Sanjeev Uprety (author, Ghannachakkar) and another author Sheeba Sivangini Shah commented on Sushma's writing. During the programme Sushma was delighted to see young readers engaged in literature reading and writing. She expressed her hope to see lots of writing from group members.

Commenting on Sushma's writing, Uprety said, "Sushma's stories are excellent pieces of social realism. Her descriptions are vivid, dialogues sharp and the narratives well constructed. Her stories depict sadness, poverty, hunger and other tragic aspects of life. But they are written with lots of humour. The mixture of the serious and the tragic, of light humour and the undertone of serious issues is the main strength of her writing."

Seebha S Shah thanked HRB for their efforts at bridging the gap between the authors and readers. All participants took part in the programme with great enthusiasm.

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