Friday, November 11, 2011

A Fortuneteller Told Me

I will be in Oxford in July 2012 to talk about my writings on the Nepali diaspora in Thailand and Myanmar. I traveled around those two countries last year as an Asia Fellow, with support from the Asian Scholarship Foundation.

(Here's the Asia Fellows from 2010-2011. I am on the far left. If I look fat, its because I was eating too much Thai food!)

My aim is to write a book like Tiziano Terzani's "The Fortune-teller Told Me".  All my friends who like to mock my fascination with astrology, fortune-telling and prophesizing the future--please read this book! It is possible to be a journalist for a publication as serious as Der Speigel, do excellent reportage and still weave these fascinating tidbids into your book, as Terzani did.

If you have a literature related group in Oxford or London and want me to come and read from my book(s), contact me at: I haven't been in the UK since 1995--I'm looking forward to this visit...