Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sophia reviews "I Killed My Best Friend's Father" at the Arcola Theatre

Hi Sushma, I hope you're well. I just wanted to let you know that I thought the reading of 'I killed my best friend's father' was brilliant. Like your short stories, it was deceptively simple on the surface but explored some very hard-hitting themes. I really enjoyed meeting Rosamunde and seeing what she did with the play. When I heard about the two ghosts of the fathers - and the rather close to the bone humour - I thought to myself, 'goodness, is this going to actually work??' And, lo and behold, it did. So were you able to watch the whole thing on the live stream in KTM? How did you feel it went? 

I thought that the way you wove the migration/ post-conflict theme into the play so seamlessly was really good. You will be interested to know that I brought someone along to see the play with me who had never been to Nepal and had no knowledge of the culture or recent history, and he was able to follow the play and engage with it without any problems, so it looks like this is something that travels well... 

have a good weekend - and do keep in touch, 

all the best, 

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