Monday, March 03, 2014

Women's Week events at Image Ark Gallery, March 2-9th

Dear friends! I am launching my book on March 4th at the Image Ark Gallery, Patan, on the occasion of women's week. We will do a short reading, followed by book signings. I would be delighted to see you there.

Here's the Image Ark's address. Its a five minute walk down the tiny alley from the Krishna Temple in Durbar Square:


How do we define and experience gender?

How does society and culture define gender?

How does gender affect our lives?

From March 2 to March 8, both galleries will hold exhibitions on the
theme: "Understanding Gender".

On March 3, a discussion on "Understanding Gender across generation"
will take place at Artist Proof Gallery.

Sushma Joshi's new book, "The Prediction", will be launched at Image
Ark in the presence of the author, on March 4.

March 5 will see the screening of the movie "Who does she think she
is?" by Director Pamela Tanner Boll, at Image Ark.

A round table on "Being a Woman Artist in Your Part of the World" will
be held at Image Ark on March 7.

And to end this colourful week, on Saturday 8 March, from 11am to 4pm
Image Ark will offer art workshops for children, music and dance
shows, and zumba at Kulimha Tole. And at 5pm, there will be an Award
Ceremony at Artist Proof Gallery, with the support of WAGON. Fathers
will be rewarded for not having made any differences between their
daughters and their sons in terms of education, inheritance, etc.

Organizers: Image Ark & Artist Proof Gallery

Image Ark (Kulimha Tole, Patan Durbar Square)
Artist Proof Gallery (Jhamsikel)


Sunday 2 March, 3pm, Artist Proof Gallery: Opening in the presence of
the artists and members of the jury.

Sunday 2 March, 5pm, Image Ark: Opening in the presence of the artists
and members of the jury.

Monday 3 March, 4.30pm, Artist Proof Gallery: Discussion with all
artists on "Understanding Gender across Generation".

Tuesday 6 March, 5pm, Image Ark: Launching of Sushma Joshi's new book
"Prediction". The author will be reading a selected part of her short
stories and exchange with the audience on her work.
(Sushma Joshi is a Nepali writer and filmmaker based in Kathmandu, Nepal.
End of the World, her previous book of short stories, was long-listed
for the "Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award" in 2009.
Art Matters, her book of essays on contemporary art released in 2008,
was supported by the Alliance Francaise in Kathmandou, and Don
Messerschmidt, Associate Editors at ECS magazine at that time, wrote:
"...the book is inspiring and fun to read".
Her non-fiction reportage has appeared in Utne Reader, Ms. Magazine,
ZNet, Irrawaddy Magazine, Himal South Asia, Bertelsmann Future
Challenges, The Kathmandu Post, Nation Weekly magazine and other
publications. In 2004, she was part of the Nation Weekly Magazine's
staff. Since 1997, Joshi has worked and consulted with international
organizations in the fields of social change and human rights,
including the Harvard School of Public Health (Harvard University),
UNDP, UNICEF, Integrated Center for Mountain Development (ICIMOD),
Chemonics/USAID, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and

Wednesday 5, 5pm, Image Ark: Screening of "Who does she think she is"
by Director Pamela Tanner Boll.

Friday 7 March, 5pm, Image Ark: Discussion with Women artists on
"Being a Woman Artist in Your Part of the World".

Saturday 8 March, 11am to 4pm, Image Ark: Party at Kulimha: art
workshops for children, dance performances by Nag's Dance Group, music
with New Generation (who recently opened at the momo mania for Mukti &
Revival), Zumba with The Core Fitness Studio (come dressed for Zumba).

Saturday 8 March, 5pm, Artist Proof Gallery: Award Ceremony, supported
by WAGON, rewarding fathers who have made no differences between their
daughters and their sons in terms of education, inheritance, etc.

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