Thursday, September 29, 2016

Emanations: 2+2=5

I was thrilled to receive in the mail a jumbo copy of Emanations!

 As an earthquake victim buried under rubble for half hour, 
with seventeen days in the hospital for various surgeries,
then four months on my back as I tried to get up, via physiotherapy,
then more months as I realized I needed pins in my ankle if I was to walk,
then full body anasthesia again to remove the implement in my broken arm,
and to insert pins into my right ankle, and then more post-op recovery, exercise, 
and physiotherapy... I was feeling exhausted. 
 I had had no access to any reading material other than Twitter,
and the books that my friends bought me, during all this time. This includes 
a tattered copy of world poetry
that belongs to Wayne Amtzis, and a book about a dog written by Jack London, 
which formerly belonged to Sara Shneiderman's 8 year-old son Sam, if I'm not mistaken. 
Both of these were excellent (the Chetan Bhagat and Jhumpa Lahiri bought
by other concerned friends I declined to read, because I don't read Bhagat or Lahiri.) 
So I was very thrilled to see a jumbo anthology by my bedside,
in which my story had not just been published, but also seem to have a number of other works
which kept me reading throughout the blackouted nights. This was a good sign.
So I hope you will get Emanations, a copy thereof,
because there is a lot there you won't find in mainstream journals. 
And I say this not just because I am on the board,
but also because I think you will genuinely like it. 

(End of crappy poem #78. The great thing about having a blog 
is that you can write things like this 
and none of your 12 followers will mind, or even notice.) 

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Tsering m said...

i have never read lahiri; curious why you won't read her.