Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A bowl of zuppa in El-Ghibli

A bowl of zuppa

sushma josh

The dwarf who serves me the bowl of heart-warming, cheek-blushingly hot bowl of zuppa on that cold winter’s evening is short and squat, with a warm, stretched-out smile. The cloth on the table is cotton, checked with red and yellow. The tabletop is filled with glassware, like an apothecary’s shop. Olive oil and vinegar sparkle with red and yellow clarity inside elegant bottles. Wine glasses in different shapes and sizes stand side by side. Sunshine-yellow napkins nestle in the rounded depths of wooden holders.

My travel memoir about my visit to Roma was published in El-Ghibli's Anno 7, Numero 28 issue on June 2010. 

The story is now archived in Wattpad, here.

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