Sunday, January 29, 2012

"The End of the World" in libraries in Ayudhaya

I grew up seeing Thai Airways' beautiful photographs on the calendar on my father's desk, and I was fond of Thailand long before I set a foot there. When the floods happened, the one little contribution a writer could make was to offer some books. So this is what I did. The books were donated by Books for Thailand, which operates under the auspices of the book distribution projects of the Asia Foundation.

Here's a letter from Khun Burin.

Dear Sushma,

Last week, Books for Thailand, the Annika Linden Foundation, The Asia Foundation, and The Nation Group went to Ayudhaya, our ancient capital, and distributed books to both primary and secondary schools, totaling about 250 schools. We distributed all copies of your book, too, so definitely the students and teachers will be reading it and will be able to related it to their experiences during our recent floods.

Again, thanks. Best, Burin

To donate books in Thailand and across Asia, contact the Asia Foundation which has programs to distribute books in many countries.
(Here's a photograph of my tuk-tuk driver who took me around Ayutthya. He was very pleased with the little bamboo grasshopper toy I gave him as a parting gift--proving that a gift doesn't have to be big to make people happy!)

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